Friday, March 14, 2008

Working with Director "Alejandro Alcondez"

I had to experience to spend a day recording voices and sounds for the upcoming film "Cielito Lindo"starting Actor / Director Alejandro Alcondez and Adam Rodriguez, I have worked with Adam before and can honestly say he is lots of fun!... Not to say the same about Alejandro Alcondez, who is admirable in every sence of the word. He demands perfection, I was under a lot of pressure trying to deliver my best, not because Alejandro is mean, but rather a sweetheart he loves what he does and is passionate about his work, but that kind of perfection demanded by him, is what has made Hollywood what it is today, a succesful industry. Alejando and his wife Alice, greeted me with a smile and my favorite!, green grapes, thats when I work my best, when I eat green grapes.

I knew Alejandro would not allow me anything but to make his project shine, boy was I sweating, this man deserves the respected Hollywood title of "MR Director" he made me
discover a new actor inside by delivering with stronger and deeper feelings about real life situations that are really tough to only record the sounds of, I have done V/O work before for radio and T.V. commercials but this was one of a kind job.

(HOT FACT) The new film was written, directed and produced by Alejandro Alcondez and will be released soon!... As you watch the actors perform on the screen pay close attention to the voices in the background you might just recognise me
Blessings on the new Alejandro Alcondez film " Cielito Lindo" thank you for helping me grow personally and professionally and for the fans I'll keep you updated on this amazing project i had the honor to be a part of.


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